Our programs are for people who's health has gotten in the way of their life and have tried everything they can think of, but still can’t seem to get their body to stop working against them.

We know there's way more to the picture than simply knowing "what to do" and all our programs take a comprehensive body-mind approach to ensure transformational results, time after time.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Get to the root of your health issues, even if you've "run the gamut" with doctors

  • Catapult your energy levels

  • Feel happier and more confident with yourself

  • Release stressful fears and doubts that cause anxiety

  • Enjoy more peace-of-mind

  • Get rid of pain and extra weight that's holding you back

  • Gain a renewed sense of exhilaration and fulfillment for your life

Our programs are personalized one-on-one programs and group programs with Andrew Sartory, M.Ed. and a small team of coaches and practitioners. Our programs are delivered on the phone, Skype, and Zoom from the comfort of anywhere in the world.


Services and Programs Include:

  • Proprietary Total Reboot 90 System which gives you the education, structure, motivation, and mindset support you need to adopt your best version of a healthy, happy lifestyle that you actually maintain

  • Cutting edge functional lab testing to find the hidden stressors and imbalances in your body that's causing your symptoms

  • Customized plans and protocols tailored to your body's specific needs

  • "Hand holding" and compassionate accountability to ensure you stay on track and don't fall victim to self-sabotage

  • Clinical, evidence based EFT to release chronic stress and rewire your brain for more peaceful and confident thinking

  • Laser targeted coaching to guide you in bringing out the best sides of yourself so you feel more confident and motivated to live your best life starting now


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"I feel like a different person. I have energy, absolutely no brain fog, I sleep like a baby and wake up with immediate energy. My joint aches have disappeared and my allergies are all but gone, my skin honestly looks like I have had surgery, but it’s all natural!

And, even though it wasn’t my focus, I am down 50+ pounds. It's the cherry on top of feeling so good."

Tonya Gibb - Cuddled Up Quilts Owner

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“Plain and simple, Andrew changed my life. I spent most of my adult life eating what I thought was healthy yet I still felt unhealthy. My weight was slowly increasing, I had very little energy and felt tired all the time. I had chronic back pain.  I also thought the rumbling in my stomach and bloating after eating was normal. Turns out it's not.

Andrew introduced a new way to think about food, exercise and overall health that has reversed every condition and improved countless other aspects of my life.”

Tyler Sieswerda - News Anchor

Before Andrew’s program, I was so unhappy with myself: overweight, stressed out all the time, never taking time for myself. I had arthritis and all my joints hurt.

With Andrew’s program, I changed my life. I went from 185 pounds to 135 pounds. My asthma went away. My allergies disappeared. And it's as if I never had arthritis.

Andrew taught me how to handle my stress, how to eat right, how to take care of myself, how to make time for myself, and to live the dream I’m living now. I recommend Andrew’s program to everyone.

Bernice Bulls - Caretaker and Local Store Owner

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“I have been working with Andrew for a few months now and feel amazing. His guidance on supplements and his recommendations for an eating plan have helped me take a big step in improving my well-being. I have more energy; the pain in my knees has subsided dramatically; I’m sleeping better;  and even my skin is getting better.

Andrew has a huge wealth of knowledge and he takes time to explain what he is recommending and why. I can actually understand what’s going on with my body.”

Gary Linker. - Advisory Software Engineer


Ready to transform your life? Schedule a FREE 15 minute

Body-Mind-Life Strategy Session!