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The following are the companies that I have an affiliate relationship with… - most popular links are… Orange glasses (for better melatonin production and sleep), Sunlight therapy light (for those that feel more depressed in winter months), Shower filter (so you don’t inhale chlorine while showering), Sleep Mask (so it can be dark for you wherever you sleep).

Squatty Potty - (something I think EVERYONE should have, and something I use everyday and greatly miss if I'm ever without it)

Radiant Life Catalogue - the best water filters on the market for the entire house and the kitchen sink

Healthforce Nutritionals - Vitamineral Greens is hands down my favorite greens powder (and possibly my favorite nutritional supplement on the planet).  And this company goes far out of it’s way to show amazing integrity and quality control.

Thrive Market - This is like an online Costco or Sam’s Club, that specializes in HEALTHY foods with whole sale prices.  I use this to stock up on staples, like Ghee, Epic Bars, Cordyceps tea (a caffeine free coffee substitute), cooking spices and more.


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