About Kelli

Kelli Connaughton, FDN-P  


I'm incredibly passionate about helping our clients, who include adults, children and families to identify underlying health blocking factors using functional lab testing.

I have been in the health industry for over 20 years and am a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and also very knowledgable in homeopathy. 

I'm so passionate about this because of the journey I've had with my own son and the challenges he was facing. He was suffering with severe immune dysfunction, mitochondrial issues, gut dysbiosis, ADHD and ASD.

Doctors weren't able to help after countless visits and tests, and ultimately I found myself taking things into my own hands to find his underlying health issues.

After countless hours of research, studying, and training, we were able to restore his health which also resolved the behavioral challenges that accompanied his diagnosis.

In addition to helping my son, I've also overcome my own health crisis.

The stress of parenting a special needs child has been compared to full-on physical combat stress, and it really wore me out.

And when human beings experience internal or external stressors it's not uncommon for their health to be compromised.  

I faced all these stresses as a single mother and was not taking care of myself and my health deteriorated.  

I was constantly fatigued and found myself struggling to do day-to-day activities.

I had acid reflux to the point of causing a polyp on my voice box, which had to be surgically removed. 

I had severe pain in my hands and wrists to the point that I was unable to use them in the mornings and needed to set things up on the counters the night before.  

It turned out I had developed major gut imbalances, leaky gut, H. pylori, HPA-axis dysfunction (which many people call adrenal fatigue), which were all addressed with a comprehensive holistic protocol.
I am now pain free and completely healthy again!

And today, helping others reclaim their health so they can live full lives is one of my greatest passions!

I love guiding our clients through the take corrective steps to restore optimal health and vitality.  

I know no single approach will work for every person and know the importance of creating individualized holistic wellness plans.

I think everyone deserves to have great health and a happy life, and I love using my skills, experiences, and expertise in helping others achieve it.