Health and Happiness Coaching & Mentoring Monthly Retainer Package

If you've just completed a 3 or 6 month package with me, this is plan is designed to give you a bigger boost and even more progress in the priceless areas of your health and happiness.

If you've just completed a 3 or 6 month package with me, this plan is designed to give you ongoing support, motivation and accountability to help you stay on track with your growth in health and happiness, and continue to make progress no matter what life throws at you.

This package will give you personal, tailored guidance toward adopting a new lifestyle that will serve your mental, emotional and physical health for the rest of your life.

  • Continued support to stay positive and healthy, even during stressful times.
  • Stay motivated and in alignment to what’s truly important to you in a world of distractions.
  • Decreased pains, symptoms and inflammation and increased energy.
  • More control over your health and happiness with decreased fears and doubts
  • Experience more joy and fun as you go through this journey and stay aligned with what's most important to you.

This monthly coaching and mentoring package includes:

  • (1, 2, or 3) x 60 minute Laser Targeted Coaching Sessions per month to keep you motivated, accountable, and ensure consistent progress and that you're getting the BIGGEST returns for your energies and efforts
  • Mutually agreed upon action steps to implement after each session to help you stay focused and organized (not overwhelmed)
  • Pre-session worksheet, per session, to help make sure every session is laser targeted and highly productive
  • Post-session reflection worksheet to ensure
  • Monitoring of labs and supplements (if applicable)
  • Unlimited e-mail/text access for support (response within 48 hours, not including weekends), questions, encouragement and celebrations


  • 2 x 10 minute laser calls as needed for when last minute support, or encouragement is needed or if a bigger question needs to be answered
  • Private Facebook group for support from like minded people
  • Tailored education around supplements if desired, to help optimize health further

Plan length: Month-to-month (stop at any time before the next month is charged)

Investment Options (all plans are same - only thing that changes is amount of 60-minute monthly coaching session):

  • 1 Laster Targeted Coaching Session per month: $325 per month
  • 2 Laser Targeted Coaching Session per month: $585 per month
  • 3 Laser Targeting Coaching Session per month: $825 per month


A-la-carte lab consulting, plan management and analysis sessions

60 minute lab consulting session to go over new labs, plans, protocols, talk about what’s going on in the body - $295

Labs Available (this list is not exhaustive, but are the most commonly ordered tests)

  • DUTCH Complete - $299
  • DUTCH Plus - $399
  • BioHealth HPA Stress Profile 201 – 4x Cortisol, Average DHEA measurement - $185
  • BioHealth HPA Stress Profile 205 – 4x Cortisol, Average DHEA, Estriol, Estradiol, Progesterone, Melatonin, Testosterone - $265
  • LEAP MRT 150 (Food sensitivity blood draw) - $395
  • SIBO breath test - $329
  • Neurogistics – NeuroFocus – ‘Brain Wellness’ panel - $299
  • GI-MAP - comprehensive stool panel and pathogen screening - $389 to lab, plus $80 Medical Director Fee
  • Viome – comprehensive stool panel - $399 (online to company, retests are $199 for the year) + $100 for plan/analysis

Medical Director Fee Labs these labs require me to order through a Medical Director program, which charges a fee of $80 to order the lab and obtain ‘doctor’s orders’

  • Organic Acids (urine – comprehensive metabolic profile) - $299 directly to lab, $180 to Andrew (Medical Director fee $80 for MD order, plus $100 lab/plan analysis fee)
  • GI-Map (Comprehensive Stool Analysis) - $359 directly to lab, $180 to Andrew for Medical Director Fee and lab/plan analysis
  • SpectraCell Micronutrient Blood Draw - $390 directly to lab, $180 for Medical Director Fee and lab/plan analysis
  • Heavy Metal Blood Draw - $340 to lab, plus $180 for Medical Director Fee and lab/plan analysis


Here are 5 areas of focus we'll use to set yourself up for ongoing success in achieving optimal health, happiness, and life fulfillment.

1. Uncover the underlying dysfunction in your body systems and create plans to correct and address.

If you’re not feeling or looking your best, then it’s because you’ve got different stressors or imbalances that your body is dealing with.  These could be hormonal imbalances, gut issues that your doctor doesn’t know about, nutrient deficiencies and more.  Here, you’ll learn about what might actually be causing your symptoms, even when your doctor says, “everything is normal.”

Get a much more intimate understanding of what’s going on with your body and understand what might be causing…

  • Low energy
  • Stubborn fat that won’t go away
  • Brain fog or difficulty staying focused
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation
  • Skin issues
  • And much more

Once you understand what’s going on with your body, it’s much easier to make real progress.

We’ll look at the whole picture and come up with a plan specifically tailored to your case. When creating your plan, we’ll consider all the information we received from the labs, a thorough review of your current situation and symptoms, and the goals you want to achieve.  No two clients’ supplement plans are the same because no two cases are exactly the same.

I’m a huge believer in “let thy food be thy medicine.” But there are some things we can’t fix with diet alone – this will help fill your voids and remove hidden stressors that diet alone can’t.

2. Set up your success environment.

We’re going to help you set up an environment that’ll set you up for success. This includes getting clear on the goals and outcomes you’re wanting (the clearer your vision is, the more likely you’ll obtain it).

You’re also going to get clear on WHY these goals are so important to you, because keeping this at the forefront is crucial if you want to achieve massive success.

3. Mastering your mindset.

Results will only be as good as your mindset allows! 

We'll be sure to make sure you're continuing to grow and reach new levels of consciousness and awareness to help you reach new levels in both your health and happiness. In a safe, supportive environment, we'll explore what patterns, habits, or beliefs may be sabotaging your health and happiness in both the shot-term and long-term, and come up with plans to proactively overcome this.

Bringing this to light is crucial for long-term success and continued growth!

4. Personalized Guidance and Support through the Four Pillars of Health Optimization System.

Continued improvement in these areas is highly beneficial and important to continued progress and growth.

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

  • Feel confident that you can make great food choices to rapidly improve your current wellbeing, while decreasing your risks for all sorts of “incurable” diseases associated with old age
  • Use food strategically to reduce cravings and dissolve more body fat (and easily keep it off)
  • Mindset tricks to help you overcome self-sabotage so you can stick with a plan that serves you best

Overcoming Stress and Creating More Joy Everyday

  • Gain awareness at how you’re sabotaging your own health and happiness with unnecessary stresses (yes, you!), so that you can greatly reduce them
  • Learn proven tools to mitigate the damages caused by the unavoidable stressors in your daily life
  • Start utilizing tips and tricks to proactively create more fun and joy in your everyday life WHILE optimizing your health
  • Overcome stressful and limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back in life

Optimal Movement Patterns For The Mind And Body

  • Achieve more motivation and confidence that you can maintain an optimal exercise regimen
  • Learn how to maximize the benefits of exercise in as little time as possible
  • Sitting is the new smoking? Gain confidence that you can avoid the damages caused by sitting too much, which affect most people in our modern society

Maximizing Sleep Quality and Circadian Rhythm

  • Learn simple steps you can take during the DAY to make your sleep more rejuvenating
  • Find out what habits are sabotaging your sleep quality and causing you more fat gain, muscle loss, food cravings and fatigue
  • Uncover mindset blocks that might be holding you back from allowing yourself quality sleep and how to overcome them


5. Track and celebrate your progress!

Track your progress so you can tangibly see how far along you’re coming. We’ll use objective measures so you can see how much any symptoms decrease and how much your health is improving from a medical perspective.

We’ll also use subjective measures, because ultimately, how you FEEL about yourself is what’s most important!

We’ll celebrate your wins and honor you to provide positive reinforcement so you keep up the positive trend.


OPTIONAL PROCESS:  Create And Complete Your Personal Two-Week Transformation Plan

This two-week plan encapsulates the BEST of everything I’ve learned over many years in terms of mindset, happiness, planning and implementation, and the Four Pillars of Health.

Get one-on-one guidance to create your own Two Week Transformation Plan (no two clients ever have the same plan, this is completely customized to fit your current life situation and future aspirations).

When you implement the structure of this plan for two weeks, you may not recognize yourself by the end of it!

This plan will help you:

  • Bust through the cage of resistance and negative beliefs that are preventing you from taking your health and happiness to the next level
  • Step into your power and gain massive confidence that you ARE capable of achieving your goals and are capable of MORE than you once believed
  • Feel rejuvenated, proud and unstoppable as you embrace your rapidly improving health, happiness and mindset

Words from clients while going through their Two-Week Transformation Plan:

  • “This day was awesome! I felt so in control of my life and so blessed! Happiest day I’ve had in a long time!”
  • “Nice to have it mapped out!”
  • “I am proud of myself! That is such a surreal feeling!”
  • “Great end of yesterday and start of today. I like that I am developing a real morning ritual... Daily check in, yoga, breakfast and check FB and emails, walk 2.4 miles, check garden (weed, feed, etc) now only 9:30 and feeling great to start my work day!”
  • “I am already feeling like a new person!”
  • “What an amazing positive week this has been!!! So happy, so empowered!!! Definitely writing a new life story!!! Possibilities are endless!!! Thank you Andrew!!!”