Major Health & Happiness Breakthrough Package

If you’re struggling with motivation and the direction your health is going, this package will help you turn things around, fast. This plan gives you the tools and support you need to improve all aspects of your mental, emotional and physical health.

You’ll also build knowledge and competence that’ll serve you for the rest of your life. You deserve to have an active, fulfilling life, and this package is your foundation!

This package will give you personal, tailored guidance toward adopting a new lifestyle that will serve your mental and physical health for the rest of your life.

  • Transformed physical and mental performance.
  • Rapid progress towards your ideal body and more control of your own weight.
  • Decreased pain and inflammation and more energy.
  • Increased consciousness and awareness for what harms your body and what helps it thrive.
  • Feel empowered to be in control of your health for the rest of your life.

This 3-month package includes:

  • Nine (3 each month) 45 to 60-minute Health and Happiness Alignment Coaching Sessions per month to keep you motivated, accountable, and ensure consistent progress and growth
  • Clear, concise action steps to implement after each session to help you stay focused and organized (not overwhelmed)
  • Customized supplemental program tailored to your specific needs
  • Unlimited e-mail support and weekly e-mail check-ins to answer any questions and keep you on track towards your goals
  • Brief phone check-ins as needed in times of overwhelm or feeling off-track
  • Four Pillars of Health Optimization System ($997 value)
    • 7 trainings to raise your consciousness, educate, inspire and put the puzzle pieces together
    • Worksheets and trackers to help you come up with the best plans and stay accountable
  • Personalized guidance through a proven 4-step system to accelerate all aspects of your health


  • Food log review and customized “Done With You” 1-week meal plan designed to optimize your health, fit your lifestyle, and satisfy your taste buds ($600 value)
  • 50+ page educational food guide and other highly practical handouts to help you along your journey ($99 value)
  • 15% off professional grade supplements, only available through qualified healthcare practitioners ($150-300 value)
  • Two Week Transformation Plan ($997 value)
    • Design and live the most empowering, fun two weeks of your life, while catapulting your health and happiness in ways you never have before

Here are the 4 steps you’ll take to make a massive breakthrough with your health and set yourself up for further success.

1. Set up your success environment.

We’re going to help you set up an environment that’ll set you up for success. This includes getting clear on the goals and outcomes you’re wanting (the clearer your vision is, the more likely you’ll obtain it).

You’re also going to get clear on WHY these goals are so important to you, because keeping this at the forefront is crucial if you want to achieve massive success.


2. Personalized Guidance through the Four Pillars of Health Optimization System.

This system consists of 5 pre-recorded presentations about the Four Pillars of Health, with one introduction training. 

This is a required part of any program I take my clients through - because if you're lacking in anyone of these 4 Pillars of Health, your health won't be nearly as good as it could be.

After you go through this system, you’ll know A LOT more than most doctors and dietitians do about what it takes to prevent and reverse countless symptoms associated with many chronic diseases. You’ll have the knowledge and skills to THRIVE when it comes to your health and happiness, not just survive.

In fact, if you learn the information and follow the steps in these modules, rapid improvements in your health and happiness are inevitable. 

Each module includes worksheets for an interactive experience that will help you learn even more about yourself and give you structure to implement your knowledge in a practical way.

Plus, you’ll get personal guidance to help you implement guidelines and action steps to help maximize your results for the amount of effort you give.

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

  • Feel confident that you can make great food choices to rapidly improve your current wellbeing, while decreasing your risks for all sorts of “incurable” diseases associated with old age
  • Use food strategically to reduce cravings and dissolve more body fat (and easily keep it off)
  • Mindset tricks to help you overcome self-sabotage so you can stick with a plan that serves you best

Overcoming Stress and Creating More Joy Everyday

  • Gain awareness at how you’re sabotaging your own health and happiness with unnecessary stresses (yes, you!), so that you can greatly reduce them
  • Learn proven tools to mitigate the damages caused by the unavoidable stressors in your daily life
  • Start utilizing tips and tricks to proactively create more fun and joy in your everyday life WHILE optimizing your health

Optimal Movement Patterns For The Mind And Body

  • Achieve more motivation and confidence that you can maintain an optimal exercise regimen
  • Learn how to maximize the benefits of exercise in as little time as possible
  • Sitting is the new smoking? Gain confidence that you can avoid the damages caused by sitting too much, which affect most people in our modern society

Maximizing Sleep Quality and Circadian Rhythm

  • Learn simple steps you can take during the DAY to make your sleep more rejuvenating
  • Find out what habits are sabotaging your sleep quality and causing you more fat gain, muscle loss, food cravings and fatigue
  • Uncover mindset blocks that might be holding you back from allowing yourself quality sleep and how to overcome them

3. Mastering your mindset.

Results will only be as good as your mindset allows! 

We'll be sure to make sure you're continuing to grow and reach new levels of consciousness and awareness to help you reach new levels in both your health and happiness. In a safe, supportive environment, we'll explore what patterns, habits, or beliefs may be sabotaging your health and happiness in both the shot-term and long-term, and come up with plans to proactively overcome this.

Bringing this to light is crucial for long-term success and continued growth!

4. Track and celebrate your progress!

Track your progress so you can tangibly see how far along you’re coming. We’ll use objective measures so you can see how much any symptoms decrease and how much your health is improving from a medical perspective.

We’ll also use subjective measures, because ultimately, how you FEEL about yourself is what’s most important!

We’ll celebrate your wins and honor you to provide positive reinforcement so you keep up the positive trend.


Plan length: 3 months

Investment: $3,495

Payment Options:

  1. Prepay in full with credit card (save $450): $3,495
    -$3,495 (Nonrefundable deposit of $795, then payment of $2,700 at time of first appointment).
  2. Payment Plan Option: $3,945 total
    -Initial nonrefundable deposit of $795, then 3 monthly payments of $1,050, starting at time of first appointment