8 Week Total Body and Mind Reboot

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Learn the best ways to optimize your mental and physical health, take action and feel confident that you can achieve and maintain great results for the rest of your life.

This program is for you if you’re not completely happy with your weight or other aspects of your health and are ready to finally commit to yourself, once and for all.

Maybe you’ve told yourself many times “OK, this year I’m really gonna get into better shape,” but a lack of motivation or life’s stresses have kept you from getting there.

This program will break down complicated subjects into simple actionable steps.  

Give your body and mind a total reboot. 
Create a roadmap for better health to last the rest of your life.

In this program you will:

  • Be guided step-by-step to understand the crucial foundations of overall wellness

  • Get help creating your own personal plan of action to implement what you learn

  • Carry out the plan you designed with a supportive group and start reaping the benefits

  • Have the tools you need and a plan going forward to help you be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself


But I know you might be thinking, “Well, I already know what I have to do to be healthy, I just don’t do it.”

And in many cases, you’re probably right.  You know you should eat vegetables.  You know you should exercise and get 8 hours of sleep.  This is the case for many of the clients I’ve worked with over the years.  

They know what to do, but don't always do it.

Through my years of working with clients (and my own struggles), I’ve learned a lot about why it's hard for people to stay on track with their ideal health and wellbeing.  And I've also learned what works to overcome the barriers.

And you have to start from the ground up.

I have 7 questions for you.

  1. Do you understand how foods are intimately connected to symptoms such as fatigue, achy joints, stubborn fat, brain fog and more?

  2. Do you feel energized and happy when you wake up in the morning?

  3. Do you truly understand how your body’s stress response affects your physical health?

  4. Did you know that WHAT you eat is way more important than HOW MUCH you eat?

  5. Do you utilize the most efficient ways to get your body in a state of healing and rejuvenation?

  6. Do you know the best, fastest ways to bring the effects of aging to a grinding halt (and even reverse them)?

If you’re answering “no” to any of these questions, and can see the importance of changing those answers to a "YES", this program is for you.

If you’re struggling with cravings or have some confusion about the best foods to eat, this program is for you.  

And if you feel like you’ve been caught up in today’s hectic society without a plan to get yourself back on track, this program is for you.

Today we live in a society where feeling tired, stressed and run-down is the norm.  

The worst choices for your health and happiness also tend to be the easiest and most convenient.

It’s so easy to fall into the common cycle of poor health choices (even if you know what better choices would be). I’ve been there, and everyone one of my clients have been there.

That’s why I designed this program - to provide a system, that gets you on track to becoming the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

And then staying in control once you get there.

Over the years I’ve explored WHY my clients (and myself) have trouble staying on track and sometimes “go off the rails” under times of stress.

Some of these reasons are:

  • A lack of intimately understanding what’s best for your health at the deepest level

  • Forgetting about long term priorities amongst all the chaos, distractions and stresses of day to day life

  • Not having a plan or being proactive, and being forced to make quick, less than optimal, choices

  • Internal struggles with cravings, a lack of willpower and even negative self-talk

  • A lack of motivation or support from like-minded people with similar goals

In this 8 week program with 9 modules, I’m starting from the ground up to address these issues.

So if you’ve found yourself stuck in a routine that you know isn’t serving your best interests, this program was designed for you.

I know how you’re feeling because I’ve been there and I continue to work with many clients who are having similar struggles.  I understand how overwhelming it can be to feel trapped in an unhealthy cycle.

But if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

And if you’re truly ready to step onto a new path towards living a much higher quality of life, then I invite you to join me in my Total Body and Mind Reboot starting on March 15th.


Imagine that...

You know what foods will make you feel your very best, and you actually want to eat them!  

You wake up in the morning and you’re happy to start the day.  

You no longer stress about “staying on track” because a healthy lifestyle is simply a standard for you - it’s your autopilot!

You feel happy about your choices and don’t feel deprived.

You’re not worried about your health declining as you age, and you get more joy out of everyday.

The 8 Week Total Body and Mind Reboot Can Help Get You There!

This 8 Week Reboot will not only give you the practical knowledge you need, but also addresses the planning and psychological barriers that prevent from staying on track.


This program will be uniquely effective at taking your health to the next level because it will...

  • Reveal where real nutrition comes from so you can truly thrive and persevere through life’s challenges

  • Guide you step-by-step through the Four Pillars of Health to help you feel and look your best

  • Help you with the planning process so you don’t feel overwhelmed at learning so much, but not knowing how to implement it

  • Help you overcome mental blocks that hold you back from taking your health to the next level

  • Connect you with community that provides you support, accountability and extra resources


Benefits from doing this work often include:

  • Fat loss

  • More energy

  • More mental focus, less brain fog

  • Decreased joint and back pain

  • Less bloating, gas or other GI symptoms

  • Healthier, younger looking skin

  • And more!


Here’s what some of my clients are saying who have learned the same philosophies and steps I’ll be teaching in this course.

“Plain and simple, Andrew changed my life. I spent most of my adult life eating what I thought was healthy yet I still felt unhealthy. My weight was slowly increasing, I had very little energy and felt tired all the time. I had chronic back pain.  I also thought the rumbling in my stomach and bloating after eating was normal. Turns out it's not.

Andrew introduced a new way to think about food, exercise and overall health that has reversed every condition and improved countless other aspects of my life.”

Tyler Sieswerda - News Anchor


I have been working with Andrew for a few months now and feel amazing. His guidance on supplements and his recommendations for an eating plan have helped me take a big step in improving my well-being. I have more energy; the pain in my knees has subsided dramatically; I’m sleeping better;  and even my skin is getting better.

Andrew has a huge wealth of knowledge and he takes time to explain what he is recommending and why. I can actually understand what’s going on with my body.”

Gary L. - Advisory Software Engineer


"Andrew is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and is AMAZING at what he does. I have used Andrew's consultation services and was astounded about what I learned about my body and how my body was handling life stresses and all different types of food. The tendinitis in my wrist, shoulder, and knee has improved tenfold because of Andrew."
Neil Schneider - Engineer



"I am pleasantly surprised at how effortless the process is to allow my body to start healing itself naturally and quickly relieving the chronic pain that festered in my joints.  Not only has Andrew addressed the issues that will bring my specific ailments back into balance, he provided a very well-rounded and intelligent approach to every aspect of my health and well-being." - Thomas P. - Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist

The 8 Week Total Body and Mind Reboot Includes:

  • Nine 75-90 minute live calls - with cutting edge, easy to understand content followed by live Q&A

  • Worksheets to get you laser-focused on the why’s and how’s to apply the information into your own life(feel motivated with a plan, not overwhelmed)

  • Private Facebook Group where you can receive support, ask questions, share your own victories and be motivated by others sharing theirs

  • Guided two week next-level health sprint - reap the benefits and know you can do it moving forward



  • 45 minute 1-on-1 health breakthrough session with Andrew, with customized follow up plan for the first 4 people to sign up ($475 value)

  • 50+ page Food Guide to give you even more information and resources on how to make life changing ($100 value)

  • Lifetime access to Sartory Functional Wellness private group for ongoing support and motivation – because this is a lifelong journey (priceless)

  • Surprise prizes will be shipped to some lucky participants! ($10-$100)



It's time to change direction.

It’s time to stop letting your health fall to the bottom of your list.

It’s time to stop feeling confused and overwhelmed when you read a new “health” article.

It’s time to stop merely knowing what you “should” do and feeling bad about doing things you “shouldn’t” do.


Sign up now for the 8 Week Total Body and Mind Reboot and START prioritizing your health and happiness.

Start putting yourself first.  

And no, it’s not selfish.  By becoming a part of the health revolution, you are joining a massive ripple effect of millions of people finally taking control of their own health and happiness.

When you are your healthiest, happiest self you can give your best to the ones you love, and your new happier ways will inevitably rub off on the people around you.  It happens over and over again with my clients and those closest to them.

So when you put your own health and happiness first, everyone wins.

And you don’t have to feel isolated or unsupported to get started.


I am here to help guide you, step by step.

Start with engaging, informative videos each week.

When you learn the content from these presentations, things are likely to “click” and “make sense” more than they ever have before.  You’ll receive a very solid foundation of what it takes to be truly happy and healthy, and will feel more motivated than ever to implement your new knowledge and reap the benefits!

Use proactive worksheets, templates and guides to make progress automatic.

With each module you’ll get worksheets and step-by-step guides to help you easily start to implement what you’re learning.  Create clear plans and remind yourself of the most important lessons you’ve learned to keep you inspired and motivated.

Take action and celebrate your wins together.

Start taking action and implementing your own customized plan that works for you.  Track your progress and start to feel the amazing benefits.  Have fun, thank yourself for loving your body and mind and celebrate your wins with the group!



How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

E-mail andrew@feedfixflourish.com.

When and where do the calls take place?

Calls are at 7pm central time, and since this is an online program you can attend from the comfort of you own home!  They will be held in a Zoom meeting room, and you'll receive the link in your e-mail and see it posted to the private Facebook group.

What's a "health sprint".

The two week "health sprint" is where you're going to take the best action you've ever taken for your health!  It's going to be the last two weeks of the program where you implement your own personal plan that you developed yourself under the guidance of this program.

During your two week health sprint, you're likely to feel amazing physical and mental benefits, and feel empowered to keep up your progress going forward!

What's the refund policy?

If you decide this program isn't for you, then you may request a full refund up until the 4th call by e-mailing me.  No refunds will be available after the 4th call begins.

What if I can't make all of the live calls?

All live calls are recorded and will be available within 24 hours.  You will have access to review whenever you want, on your own time, even after the program is over.

How much time do I need to commit to this program each week?

90 minutes for the live call (Q&A is optional, but helpful), and then 1 to 3 extra hours spread out (depending on how far you want to go with your own learning and action taking).

Am I guaranteed to lose weight, decrease joint pain, have more energy, etc.?

Nothing can be guaranteed. However, if you do the work, it's highly likely that you will experience major physical and mental benefits (that you can actually FEEL), while going through this program. And it's even more likely that your wellbeing will continue to improve after this program (if you continue to apply what you learn)!


Here's How Your Reboot Will Work

Week 1 – Introduction and Setting Your Intentions

Learn the layout for the next 8 weeks, get motivated and excited!

  • Get very clear on your “why”?  Why is your health important to you?  What motivates you?

  • Fill out baseline health appraisal

  • Introduce yourself to the group.  Optional - Connect with an accountability partner!


Week 2 – Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

Go deep into learning how powerful food is in affecting ALL aspects of your physical and mental health.

  • How to improve your sleep and energy through food

  • How problematic foods can trigger symptoms and even promote immune reactions

  • Feel confident that you can follow a plan that will optimize your health

  • Reduce cravings


Week 3 – Managing Stress (And Have More Fun And Joy!)

Gain a deep understanding about what stresses are and how they affect your mind and body

  • Learn proactive ways to reduce stress

  • Learn why “play” and being silly is so important (and how to fill your life with more fun)

  • Bring more joy into your life (and improve your health at the same time)


Week 4 – Optimal Movement For The Mind And Body

Learn about optimal movement regimens, for both exercise and decreasing sedentary habits

  • Exercise’s effect on your brain, mood and aging

  • Maximize the benefits from exercise in as little time as possible

  • Mitigate the damaging effects of sitting too much

Week 5 – Sleep

Learn the ins and outs of sleep and how to optimize this highly under-rated activity

  • The best ways to optimize sleep for fat loss and muscle retention

  • How to optimize sleep for better brain health

  • Learn how to naturally improve your sleep cycle and make your sleep more restorative


Week 6 – TWO WEEK HEALTH SPRINT Preparation

Prepare for your two week reboot to begin in one of the next two to five days

  • Set your targets for the two weeks in each of the Four Pillars

  • Make plans for preparation and set yourself up for success

  • Set up your calendar and journal for your two week reboot

Week 7 – TWO WEEK HEALTH SPRINT Part 1 - Mindset Support

Look at and limiting beliefs that hold you back and sabotage your success

  • Create new positive stories to keep you positive, motivated and inspired  
  • Learn empowering questions to ask yourself everyday to keep you focused on your goals
  • Troubleshoot and get support for challenges

Week 8 – TWO WEEK HEALTH SPRINT Part 2 - Creating Post Reboot Plan

Look at what’s working and what’s not working for you.  Create a plan for when the reboot ends that’s sustainable and you feel good about.

  • Learn ways to maintain your health without feeling deprived

  • Define ways to get back on track if you slip up

  • Fill out new health appraisal and look at your progress

Closing Call - Review, Reflection and Moving Forward

Review and reflect on your accomplishments and gain an even deeper understanding of your mind and body

  • Review of how your body systems work together, for better or for worse

  • Celebrate all of the amazing things you did for yourself

  • Learn how to go deeper with your health

  • Get clear on your intentions going forward beyond the program