About Andrew

Andrew Sartory, M.Ed, FDN-P  


I'm fiercely committed to helping adults who are struggling with physical health issues that won't go away and also struggle with stress and anxiety that make things even worse. 

If you’re looking for a proven professional who can guide you to overcome the symptoms that come with getting older, such as...

  • stubborn weight that won’t come off
  • feeling tired and unmotivated
  • other nagging pains in your joints or back...
  • poor sleep
  • stomach symptoms
  • brain fog, anxiety, and more...

then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve had years of experience working with many clients with similar concerns and guiding them to achieve transformational results.

My mission is to help you have the active, fulfilling life of your dreams by promoting excellent health and an empowering mindset, because I want you to be the happiest version of yourself.

My path to becoming a body and mind transformation expert became clear at an early age. Ever since I was little, my mom told me how much I hated to see others suffer and feel sad, and that I always wanted to help in anyway I could.

And as it turned out, I endured my own massive suffering from age 12 to 22.

  • Feeling exhausted everyday and insomnia

  • Crippling pain in my back, knees, shins, and wrists

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Pessimistic mindset (I practically thought a dark cloud followed me everywhere)

  • Frequent sickness, fevers and strep throat

  • Weight gain to over 200 pounds

  • Debilitating Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Terrible focus and brain fog, with ADHD diagnosis

  • And worst of all, I would criticize myself in my head, almost every waking hour.

Even as a successful personal trainer, my physical and emotional pains didn’t go away, despite countless visits to many different doctors and even trying natural approaches such as chiropractic, acupuncture and supplements.

Once I came across a functional medicine practitioner and finally got answers and results for the first time, I knew I wanted to share this approach with others for the rest of my life.

And once I got my physical health under control, I realized the importance of emotional health and mindset, and how these are even more important when it comes to achieving success quickly.

Clients say remarkable things about the impact my work has on their life.

“With Andrew’s program, I changed my life. I went from 185lbs to 142lbs. My asthma went away. My allergies are pretty much non-existent. I had arthritis and all my joints hurt, but not anymore.”
-Bernice Bulls

“Plain and simple Andrew changed my life. My weight was slowly increasing, I had very little energy and felt tired all the time. I had chronic back pain. Andrew introduced a new way to think about food, exercise and overall health that has reversed every condition and improved countless other aspects of my life.”
-Tyler Sieswerda

“I feel like I can achieve a lot more. My self-esteem is better. I just feel like I can do anything.”
-Carol G.

“I feel like a different person. I have energy, absolutely no brain fog, I sleep like a baby and wake up with immediate energy, my joint aches have disappeared and my allergies are all but gone, my skin honestly looks like I have had surgery, but it is healthy!
And, even though it was not my focus, I am down 50+ pounds. It's the cherry on top of feeling so good.”
-Tonya G.

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What really lights me up about this work is knowing that people have the power within them to achieve transformational results that they previously didn’t think were possible! And that it’s much more simple and quick than they ever imagined!

What sets me apart from other experts is that I make sure my clients have all the tools they need to get the biggest results possible that last well beyond our work together. My systems start from the ground up and are so comprehensive, yet simple, that clients quickly and dependably achieve transformational results, time after time.

You can feel confident engaging me to guide you towards overcoming your struggles and having the active, fulfilling life of your dreams with phenomenal health.

Over the years, I’ve obtained many credentials to stay up to date with the most effective, efficient ways to help people achieve optimal health and happiness, including:

  • 2010 - National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  • 2013 - Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification
  • 2013 - Masters Degree in Health Behavior and Health Education
  • 2014 - Certified in The Kalish Method of Functional Medicine
  • 2015 - Advanced Certification in The Kalish Method of Functional Medicine
  • 2016 - Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

And on a more personal note, here’s five things about me that might surprise you.

I still haven't gotten used to the freezing cold water at Barton Springs in Austin, TX, and I've only been going there for 10 years now!

I still haven't gotten used to the freezing cold water at Barton Springs in Austin, TX, and I've only been going there for 10 years now!

  1. I’m not ‘perfect’ with my diet and I’ve never counted my calories (and counting calories or going hungry has never been a part of my programs, even for my clients who’ve lost over 50 pounds!)

  2. Not feeling happy with myself and self-sabotage have been my deepest struggles in life. I’ve made massive, life-changing strides in these areas and the tools I’ve learned that focus on happiness and self-love are now core parts of my work. I believe you deserve to be incredibly happy yourself, now.

  3. I believe life is meant to be fun and enjoyable - we just have to allow it to be! I want you to get transformational results and enjoy the process along the way, not feel deprived.

  4. I have a history of over-committing myself and then feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Now I’m quick to notice this in my clients and I love helping them come up with plans that are simple and manageable, yet still highly effective.

  5. I’ve never had any formal dance lessons, but I still love to dance! (Even if my partner, Zach, tells me I dance like a toddler!) 

And that's me in a nutshell! Thank you for reading my story - I'm so glad to be connected to you! If you want to learn even more about my own health journey in more specifics on how I got to where I am, feel free to click here.


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