12 Month Complete Health Transformation & Optimization Package

This plan is for you if you’re truly ready to pull out all the stops and rapidly improve your health and life at all levels. Whether you’re struggling with a chronic disease, unresolved health issues, looking to lose weight or simply wanting to look, feel and perform your absolute best, this package will help you completely transform your health and have the active, fulfilling life of your dreams.

This plan will also make sure you’re making exponential growth in areas of happiness, mindset, self-esteem and more so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.

You’ll feel like a new person by the end of this program!

This package will help you find the missing answers you need and give you clear guidance towards achieving your optimal mental and physical health.

  • Overcome hidden stressors and imbalances that are stopping you from having the health you deserve.
  • Massively increased your energy you can devote towards the people and activities you love.
  • Confidence in yourself and your ability to maintain optimal mental and physical health for the rest of your life.
  • Experience more joy and fun as you go through this journey and stay aligned with what's most important to you.
  • Gain a renewed sense of exhilaration and fulfillment in your life

This 12-month package includes:

  • 41 laser focused one-on-one sessions
    • Five 60-90 minute lab review/interpretation sessions with Kelli Connaughton, FDN to understand your body, fine tune plans, and restore optimal physiological function and balance
    • 12 (1 per month) 60 minute Health Coaching sessions with Kelli to fine tune strategies around food, troubleshoot lifestyles, and get more practical tips to improve your healing process
    • 24 (two per month) 60 minute laser focused Body-Mind Breakthrough Sessions with Andrew to keep you motivated, overcome practical, emotional, and mindset challenges, and ensure you move through any blocks that may come up on your journey
  • Personalized guided meditation recordings to make sure your new, positive, empowering mindsets stick, so your subconscious mind supports you instead of sabotages you in your healing
  • Clear, concise action steps to implement after each session to help you stay focused and organized (not overwhelmed)
  • 13 module Total Reboot 90 program ($2000 value)
    • 13 step-by-step trainings to educate, inspire and put the puzzle pieces together to help you build a foundation and transform your health for good
    • Worksheets and trackers to help you come up with the best plans and stay accountable
  • Thorough evaluation of functional labs and customized supplemental program tailored to your specific needs
  • Unlimited e-mail/text/voxer (voice message) support and check-ins to answer any questions and keep you on track towards your goals


  • Personally tailored 3.5 hour VIP day in month 6 or 7 with Andrew Sartory to help you catapult your progress, confidence, and make customized, detailed lifestyle plans to set you up for even more success
  • 60 Minute Energy Leadership Assessment with Coach Zach Bulls to help you pinpoint areas where you're habitually operating with negative energy patterns that drain you physically and emotionally, and exactly what you can do to shift these patterns in all areas of your life ($450 value)
  • Group coaching Q&A calls to help you gain more group support and get more questions answered. (attendance optional)
  • Food log review and customized “Done With You” 2 week meal plan designed to optimize your health, satisfy you taste buds and fit your lifestyle ($700 value)
  • 50+ page educational food guide and other highly practical handouts to help you along the journey ($99 value)
  • 15% off professional grade supplements, only available through qualified healthcare practitioners ($250-500 value)


Investment: $9,400

Payment Options:

  1. Prepay in full with credit card (save $1400): $9,400 (Nonrefundable deposit of $1,300, then $8,100 at time of first appointment)
  2. Initial nonrefundable deposit of $1,300 and then 12 monthly payments of $791, beginning at time of first appointment.


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How it works:

  • Apply on your phone or computer at https://blispay.com/sartorywellness

  • If approved, you'll receive a digital Blispay Visa card which can be used to make purchases with us.

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Interest will be charged to your account at your APR of 19.99% from the posting date if the purchase balance is not paid in full in six months. Your account has a 3% foreign transaction fee and if you are charged interest it will be at least $2.00.

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***Labs and Supplements

*Recommended supplements may cost an additional $150-$350 per month.

**A GI-MAP stool test is a strongly recommended part of this program, and the $359 fee is paid directly to the lab. This will give us the most comprehensive view of your gut, which is pertinent to your health.

***A Dutch Complete test is strongly encouraged, but optional, and the discounted $299 fee is paid directly to Sartory Wellness.

****Depending on your case, other labs may be recommended to make sure you get the absolute best results.

***** Insurance and HSA credit cards may help with lab costs (but are not guaranteed). HSA credit cards typically work when ordering supplements, but not guaranteed.